Scientific disseminators

Camping Prades Park has an excellent concentration environment which is very helpful in work days that require great concentration efforts. It is a great option to move an entire department to do intense work days with breaks in the middle of nature.

The combination of accommodation for every 2 members of the project, a full board in our Restaurant, projection rooms, internet connection and leisure facilities in the same campsite, make this complex an ideal place to carry out a form produce the project of your Department.

When you arrive at the campsite, you will find the best self-guided hiking trails in the Welcome Folder, which we will deliver at the check-in. You will find the excursions explained from the Campsite, with an orientation map and the duration of each excursion. In addition, we have maps of the natural paths of the mountains of Prades if you want to ride your trip.

Here’s a description of the most interesting:

  • La Roca Foradada: The closest to the campsite, it is a large rock located 3 km in the middle of the forest that has a hole in the center that can be reached, at the top you will get very good views of the valley. A 4 out of 5 to go see the sunsets.
  • The 3 hermitages are a cultural route that we have in Prades, the last hermitage is 4 km from the campsite, you can walk and also easily by car. There is a picnic area and very good views of the valley of Capafons. Here you can see why Prades is calling “Vila Vermella”.
  • El Tossal de la Baltasana: The summit of the mountains of Prades, 5 km from the Campsite, a vigorous and unequivocal excursion that will take us to the top of 1203m. On the clear days you can even see the sea. It is highly recommended to do it by bicycle although it is of moderate difficulty.
  • Els gorgs de la Febró: From Sant Joan until October we recommend going to see the Gorgs de la Febró, an excursion that is located 8 km from the Campsite, so you have to take the car and once parked, start the excursion until Go to a waterfall where you can bathe.
  • In addition, in the Welcome Folder you will find the route to go to Siurana and to go to Toll de l’Olla.

Within the complex there is a large sports area that combines the most popular sports in our territory. You will be able to continue practicing your favorite sport, make new friends and have a good time in the open air. What is your favorite place?

  • 2 paddle tracks.
  • 2 soccer fields 11 and 1 soccer field 7 all with natural grass.
  • 1 beach volleyball court.
  • 1 basketball court.
  • 1 table tennis.

If you need more information for sports groups, consult the section dedicated to: Estades Esportives.

We are located 200 meters from the village of Prades also known as the Red Villa for the color of the soil and the architecture of the whole municipality. Prades is one of the most charming villages in the whole country, recognized within the seal of florida villas, family tourism and a destination for sports tourism due to its height and good weather.

Prades offers a large amount of gastronomic offer in its main square where we find the well-known Fuente de Prades from the thirteenth century, which is part of the culture and history of this town, which you can discover little by little following your cultural route.

During the year, a large number of events are held:

  • “La fira del vi i del cava”
  • “La festa de la patata”
  • “La festa de la farigola”

In the Welcome folder of the Campsite you will find more information and the dates of the festivities.

Two recommended ways to accommodate the groups at Càmping Prades are in Refuge Bungalow or in Family Bungalows, depending on whether the whole group wants to stay in the same accommodation or want family lodgings of 2, 4 or 6 people wider and with more privacy.

  • Family accommodations are equipped with full kitchen, full bathroom, shower TV, refrigerator, automatic coffee maker, blankets, heating, terrace and parking.
  • Refuge accommodations have only beds for occupants with 2 emergency baths. In the center of the campsite you can find the central building with the rest of the services.

Disposem d’una sala dedicada a Grups amb capacitat de 150 persones, disposa de grans vidrieres amb llum natural, projector i 3 TV per visualitzar presentacions, partits o imatges. També es pot usar la sala per reunions, mítings o activitats team building.

Està situada a la dreta del Restaurant, molt a prop del pàrquing del Càmping, ideal per caminadors o excursionistes, esmorzars i trobades de cotxes antics, motoristes o ciclistes.

Estem experimentats amb celebracions i banquets de tot tipus, amb la possibilitat de personalitzar el menú al vostre gust, si voleu aperitiu previ o escollir si voleu taules rodones.


  • La Sala Galeria es la nova sala del Restaurant, amb una vidriera de 365º graus, ideal per llegir, treballar, prendre un refresc o esperar-vos còmodament si teniu una reserva. Esta equipada amb sofàs i taules d’estar, televisió 50” amb possibilitat de visualitzar partits o demanar el vostre canal desitjat. És una molt bona opció per quan plou o quan fa molt fred, ja que te una llar de foc que dona molt caliu a la sala.
  • Per altra banda, la amplia Terrassa ofereix servei de Bar i Carta per aquells que tinguin mascotes i volen degustar els menús del Restaurant. Espai apte pels fumadors, ja que està al aire lliure.