During warmer months, it is advisable to take an aquatic excursion or discover dark and cool caves. Thus, within 20 minutes of the Camping, is the term of La Febró, an ideal destination for this type of adventurous excursion.

  • The “Avencs de la Febró” excursion is a family trip to get started in the world of potholing. It is an open crack of 250 meters long, 25 meters deep, you can find caves with stalactites. In the history, smugglers have been hidden and, according to the legend, General Joan Prim in 1843.
  • The “Gorgs de la Febró” is an aquatic excursion that can be found 4 km from La Febró, it is a series of natural pools scaled up by small waterfalls that allow access to swimmers. A bath in these cold natural waters surrounded by virgin nature is highly recommended!