Our villages

The Prades Mountains are a land full of attractions, impressive tops and forests, historic and monumental heritage, top quality gastronomic products and a great tranquility. Small towns where time seems to have stopped make it a perfect destination for families with children looking for calm, outdoor activities and the security of finding everything they need.

We are located 200 meters from the village of Prades also known as the Red Villa for the color of the soil and the architecture of the whole municipality. Prades is one of the most charming villages in the whole country, recognized within the seal of florida villas, family tourism and a destination for sports tourism due to its height and good weather.

Prades offers a large amount of gastronomic offer in its main square where we find the well-known Fuente de Prades from the thirteenth century, which is part of the culture and history of this town, which you can discover little by little following your cultural route.

During the year, a large number of events are held:

  • “La fira del vi i del cava”
  • “La festa de la patata”
  • “La festa de la farigola”

In the Welcome folder of the Campsite you will find more information and the dates of the festivities.

Only 35 minutes by car from the Camping we find Siurana, a small medieval town on a cliff overlooking the swamp of Siurana, which is at the foot of the cliff.

The privileged location of this pedestrian area allows you to observe the best sunsets with views of the Monsant and the Priorat, wine lands and good cuisine.

The town is also known for the legend of “salt de la reina mora“, for hiking and BTT routes, and for climbing routes that take place along the walls of the cliff.

A very good route from Campsite Prades with BTT or electric bicycle for those who love the slope and long itineraries.

La Serra del Montsant es troba a 25 minuts del Càmping de Prades, és un lloc ideal per a realitzar-hi activitats esportives com el senderisme i l’escalada per les seves grans parets de pedra rocosa no aptes per excursionistes amb vertigen! També destaca per oferir el servei de vies ferrades amb monitors titulats, una molt bona activitat pels amants de l’aventura.

Aquesta àrea del territori també té una forta vinculació amb l’història ja que comprèn la fundació de la primera cartoixa de tota la península Ibèrica, Scala Dei,i la intensa tradició eremítica, que ha perdurat fins a l’actualitat, són una bona prova del profund valor simbòlic de la muntanya. L’any 2002 va ser declarat Parc Natural per la Generalitat de Catalunya.

No ens podem deixar de banda la seva denominació d’origen en l’àmbit del vi, DO Monstant, que elabora vins artesans amb l’experiència centenària que no us podeu deixar escapar.

During warmer months, it is advisable to take an aquatic excursion or discover dark and cool caves. Thus, within 20 minutes of the Camping, is the term of La Febró, an ideal destination for this type of adventurous excursion.

  • The “Avencs de la Febró” excursion is a family trip to get started in the world of potholing. It is an open crack of 250 meters long, 25 meters deep, you can find caves with stalactites. In the history, smugglers have been hidden and, according to the legend, General Joan Prim in 1843.
  • The “Gorgs de la Febró” is an aquatic excursion that can be found 4 km from La Febró, it is a series of natural pools scaled up by small waterfalls that allow access to swimmers. A bath in these cold natural waters surrounded by virgin nature is highly recommended!

At 30 minutes from the Prades Campsite, on a road with bends and exceptional landscapes you will find the villa of Poblet, well known for its monastery of the Císter order founded in 1150.

Poblet constitutes an impressive architectural ensemble and can be counted among the most important monastic sets in Europe, in fact, the largest monastic habitat in the European continent. Since the Middle Ages, it is an important symbolic reference point for the countries of the old Crown of Aragon.

We can also emphasize the Poblet forest, special for the quantity of fauna and flora that can be found. Between Prades and Poblet you will find a zone full of wood forests in the afternoon that you can find the famous yolks, the vine or the cold, among others.

  • The fauna of our forest presents a diversity of species thanks to the microclimate that presents this space, the marked differences in altitude and numerous water courses have led to the fauna of Prades presenting the most typical species of the Mediterranean, it is calculated there are about 900 species of fauna, however, most of them are invertebrates. Among the most singular we can find the roe deer, the small musarina, the wild cat, the fox and the weave.
  • As far as flora, we can find numerous forests of oaks, chestnut trees, red pine trees and holm oaks. Together with these species we can find other plants such as holly, thyme or rosemary. The mushrooms in the autumn season have a great appeal, highlighting the Prades oak, the fredol, the pot of partridge and the vines.