Cycling trips, kids activities morning to night, children’s entertainment, shows for the whole family. Discover rural villages, wine tasting, popular football match and night astronomy session!


Animation for children and adults! Spend a good time with our entertainment team with outdoor activities and in the games room:

  • Crafts, Theater, Contests, Cinema, Storytelling …
  • Soccer matches, basketball, paddle tournaments …
  • Mini disco, Night games, Gymkhana, Paints faces…

Mid-High Season: Activities scheduled morning, afternoon and night with the team of entertainers. Suitable for children, children and adults (see weekly planning).

Low season: Games room open from 12 a.m. to 6 p.m. With crafts and board games. Every weekend, a popular football and basketball match for all ages at 4:00 PM!

Calendar of activities and animation planning


We organize activities for each season, through wine tastings, paddle tournaments, photography courses, etc.

  • We offer multiple activities aimed not to move the body to the rhythm of music with classes of zumba or aquagym.
  • If you need to reduce stress, attend yoga classes and increase your level of mindfulness.
  • Have fun at laughter therapy classes or attend music concerts with live entertainment at the Sport Bar.

Calendar of activities and animation planning

Climbing is one of the most practiced sports in the Prades mountains throughout the year. We’re lucky to be along well-known climbing destinations around the world.

From Càmping Prades you will be located in the center of all important climbing points, with the advantage of being in a complex with large parcels, easily accessible and with great discounts during the low season. Also, check the discounts that we can offer you in bungalows.

Each area, a discipline!

  • 20 minutes from Siurana
  • 20 minutes from Mussara and Febró
  • 20 minutes from the Montsant
  • 20 minutes from La Riba

In the area of canyoning our collaborating company Gorg Aventura offers 2 initiation breaks to discover the places of these mountains with an adventure touch, then you can find out about the details of each one.

  • Ravine of the Gorgs

Descent for beginners, ideal for adventurous families or for groups that have never made canyoning. A 4 × 4 comes to us to look for the camping and with 20 minutes we arrive at the point of destination, where it will walk during 10 minutes by beautiful places until arriving at the beginning of the descent.

  • Ravine of the river Glorieta

Also starting descent, although a bit more sporty and longer than the previous one. A 4 × 4 comes to us to look for the camping and with 30 minutes we arrive at the point of destination, where we will walk during 25 minutes by a beautiful path until arriving at the beginning of the descent.

What better than complementing your stay with a wine tourism activity, the wineries of the area make it very easy to offer us their best wines and wine tourism activities, just 20-30 minutes away from the campsite. Our recommended wineries are the following:

  • Cellers Baronia del Montsant (D.O. Montsant)
  • Celler Mas Vicenç (D.O. Tarragona)
  • Cellers ScalaDei (D.O.Q. Priorat)

Among the activities we offer can be found, visits to the winery with wine tasting, Walk & Wine, guided route with 4×4 for the vineyards. Do not miss the sweet wine of Mas Vicenç or the aromatic wines with Montsant body

The population of Prades is positioning itself as an astronomical destination, taking advantage of its location and its excellent conditions of darkness that allow to carry out the best astronomical observations of the Mountains of the Costa Daurada.

We have family plots and accommodations in different dark areas of the campsite, very close to the sports area, which at night is ideal for planting the telescopes.

Thanks to the initiative of the scientific dissertation of Astro Prades, we are beginning to create activities related to this field such as:

  • The beginner’s course in night photography held on March 23, 2019 with very good results.
  • Public observation of nebulas and galaxies held on December 8, 2018.
  • Stay tuned for upcoming events with offers for accommodations!

When you arrive at the campsite, you will find the best self-guided hiking trails in the Welcome Folder, which we will deliver at the check-in. You will find the excursions explained from the Campsite, with an orientation map and the duration of each excursion. In addition, we have maps of the natural paths of the mountains of Prades if you want to ride your trip.

Here’s a description of the most interesting:

  • La Roca Foradada: The closest to the campsite, it is a large rock located 3 km in the middle of the forest that has a hole in the center that can be reached, at the top you will get very good views of the valley. A 4 out of 5 to go see the sunsets.
  • The 3 hermitages are a cultural route that we have in Prades, the last hermitage is 4 km from the campsite, you can walk and also easily by car. There is a picnic area and very good views of the valley of Capafons. Here you can see why Prades is calling “Vila Vermella”.
  • El Tossal de la Baltasana: The summit of the mountains of Prades, 5 km from the Campsite, a vigorous and unequivocal excursion that will take us to the top of 1203m. On the clear days you can even see the sea. It is highly recommended to do it by bicycle although it is of moderate difficulty.
  • Els gorgs de la Febró: From Sant Joan until October we recommend going to see the Gorgs de la Febró, an excursion that is located 8 km from the Campsite, so you have to take the car and once parked, start the excursion until Go to a waterfall where you can bathe.
  • In addition, in the Welcome Folder you will find the route to go to Siurana and to go to Toll de l’Olla.


The Prades Park camping is located in the center of the Prades Mountains, which allows you to make the most circular routes from the Camping itself as the starting and ending points. Below we enclose our recommended BTT routes:

Once arrived, we recommend a fork breakfast in our Prades Restaurant, with parking suitable for bicycles, or in the town square of Prades.


A good starting point for the bravest, we are already 1,000 meters high and here the road routes start descending. As destinations to be taken into account for your road route there are the Montsant area, the Poblet area and the Farena area, as they are less busy roads.

Next we attach the road routes that we recommend from Càmping Prades: